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August 15th 2015

hi 5 star(s)

Very Wipeout like, been craving a game of this nature since Studio Liverpool closed. I grew up with the Wipeout series and this is very similar, smooth accelormeter controls to an epic soundtrack. Just wish it had more ships and a deeper upgrade system. Beautiful graphics.


February 21st 2015

hi 5 star(s)

I listened only two of the full tracks available on this site before I was sold. And I'm so glad I was sold, because there are as many jewels on this soundtrack as there are tracks. I recon I won't be able to stop listening to this soundtrack for a while (and I will be listening to it 10+ years from now I'm sure). My only regret is not owning any Apple device so I could try out the game. But I bought the soundtrack so I'm very happy to be able to listen to it whenever I want.


February 21st 2015

hi 5 star(s)

I bought the album after reading the great review from I don´t have Apple devices so I´m talking purely from standalone album point of view and this works really well outside the Mobile Game. Really like the songs. Some of the songs have nice 80s feeling (remind of Kavinsky).

Ville Vuorela

February 20th 2015

hi 5 star(s)

Do you really need more information than that? After trying the game, the mere sound of these gorgeous tracks will make your socks spin!